How Cool Is This?

I’ve been following the progress of the Philae lander this week with all of the excitement I felt as a kid when the Space Shuttle launched for the first time.  When you think about it, this is quite an accomplishment Continue reading


Curiosity’s Picture of Home

By now, unless you live under a rock or something along those lines, you’ve likely seen this amazing picture somewhere on the internet:

All Of Us (Courtesy Curiosity's Twitter)

All Of Us
(Courtesy Curiosity’s Twitter)

This is a photo taken by the Mars Curiosity rover.  The semiautonomous, rugged exploration robot has mapped out all kinds of terrain for well over a year on Mars.  Finally, the techies at NASA elected to direct it to look skyward.

I find this kind of thing compelling.  As a space junkie, I’ve seen the mosaic by Cassini of the various planets viewed from the icy orbit of Saturn.  This picture, however, fires my imagination a bit more.

The website noted both the Earth and Moon were visible in this picture, which I copied from the Curiosity’s Twitter feed.  I can’t resolve two bright points, but that’s irrelevant.  What got me excited was the notion that I could – with proper equipment – stand on that very spot on Mars and see the exact same sight.  It’s the same level of excitement as seeing Jupiter or Saturn from Earth, but raised an exponent.

This demonstrates how far we’ve come, in a picture.

Now here’s a thought for you: every single person who ever lived or is living right now – everyone you know, everyone you love – is in that picture.